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What our patients say...

Centre for Dentistry are great! I’ve had many dentists in the past and I’ve never felt as comfortable as I do with this one

Patient in Brighton

I’ve been to dentists before where I’m so nervous I’ve had to have hypnotherapy treatment. But it’s really great here.......really good!

Patient in Bristol

I moved last July and I needed to change my dentist. So I came to Sainsbury’s and saw the dentist here. I spoke to Siobhan on reception. She told me about the dental plan and I signed up. I met Dr Anjali who is an absolutely fabulous dentist......

Joan – Patient in Blackpool

I think this place is absolutely marvellous. They take so much time and care for their patients

Blackpool Patient

Dr Anjali has done me a root canal and now I’m going to get it capped. My old dentist just kept filling it. Dr Anjali has saved my tooth......!

Patient in Blackpool

Saw prices and dental plan and thought too cheap - too good to be true......On my first appointment I was extremely nervous and told the dentist. He cleaned my teeth manually and I felt no pain at all…not like my previous dentist. You get more attention, they spend more time with you…rather than just getting you in and out straightaway....

Cardiff Patient

Dr Anjali is an absolutely fabulous dentist. She had a good look in my mouth and said in her opinion I had this thing called Lichen Planus. I’d been having trouble with my mouth and it was really sore.....I’ve had this problem for ages and no other dentist has ever diagnosed it......

Blackpool Patient

Clean, a nice environment, a good place to come to. I’d recommend it to anyone - Very affordable........

Patient in Calcot

I’ve had treatment with Dr Ana…probably the best dentist I’ve been to. Friendly. They explain what they’re going to be doing. If you get pain you let them know and they deal with it straightaway.....

Bill – Patient in Calcot

I feel like they care about me. I feel like I’m important to them and they have my best interests at heart. Yes, they just look after me.......

Harrogate Patient

I’ve really enjoyed my experience here. Really friendly staff. I have been much better looked after here than my previous dentist. I had an abscess and they sorted it straightaway. It’s also really easy to get an appointment........

Wanda – Patient in Harrogate

I kept looking and I kept looking. At New Year one of my resolutions was to get my teeth sorted out. I came here and I’ve not looked back since!

Patient in Calcot

All good and very affordable. Thanks

Brighton Patient

The dentist Dr Vivek is brilliant. Helpful and patient. Very calm and reassuring…not what you normally expect from a dentist!

Patient in Brighton

I now sleep the night before - I’d recommend this practice to absolutely anybody. There’s no need to be frightened........

Patient in Sheffield

The team here are brilliant. I couldn’t ask for better. You get a friendly service and you really get to know them......

Brighton Patient

From day one it was relaxed. I like the way they dealt with me individually. Dr Gill explained what she did before she went ahead. It was totally relaxed. It worked and coming to the dentist was a nice experience......

Patient in Sheffield

I kill two birds with one stone…I can get my shopping and go to the dentist!

Patient in Harrogate

The staff really care. They smile and talk to you. At my last dental practice the receptionist didn’t seem to care at all...........

Patient in Brookwood

Dr Hanyyah really cared about my teeth and wanted to put me on the path to dental wellbeing. When I came in for treatment she was brilliant and kept me out of pain. Afterwards she gave me the best scale and polish I’ve ever had........

Patient in Brookwood

My first impression was it was bright and cheerful. You can do your shopping at the same time. The staff were great.....!

Patient in Brookwood

I live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and have struggled with dentists for a number of years. I’ve tried to see many dentists but found them too impatient and not understanding. I suffered with dental pain for years. The dentist here has managed to help me to confront the problems I’ve had and done some extractions. He’s a miracle worker....

Patient in Camberley

It’s been absolutely amazing. It’s clean. The staff are all really, really friendly. I’d recommend it to anybody. I won’t be changing dentists for a long time – I know that one for sure!

Patient in Tamworth

I’ve been terrified of dentists since my late teens. I broke a tooth and was going away on holiday. I came in in floods of tears. Becky was really kind and understanding and Dr Chet fixed it in no time. He really understood my fear - compassionate and kind.......

Cath – Patient in Sheffield

I was very proud of myself! I had a small filling without even an anaesthetic…which is an amazing change for me.....

Tamworth Patient

I went to another dentist and wasn’t happy at all. I’m normally very very nervous. I’ve fainted in the dentist. I’ve cried. I’ve hyperventilated. But here it’s been a totally different experience. I’m not nervous about coming to the dentist at all now............

Heather – Patient in Tamworth

Centre for Dentistry is a totally different environment. It’s a very good experience - Absolutely wonderful. Really nervous on first visit but not after that. Very relaxed. A very good private dentist. I’d encourage anybody to come!

Patient in Tamworth

It’s been a brilliant experience. I’ve had a lot of treatment. None of it has been frightening. Very friendly team and everything is explained to you

Rachel – Patient in Tamworth

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