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Join a completely new kind of dentist!

It’s not just a job or ‘something we do.’ We’re passionate about making a difference in the dental industry. We want to change the face of dentistry by making visits to the dentist more accessible, more welcoming and more patient-focused.

We are “corporate” in the strict definition of the word – we have multiple practices in 25 towns and cities up and down the UK – but we don’t think like a corporate and we certainly don’t run the business through spreadsheets and cost cutting. It’s all about people.

At every level, our focus has to be on delivering great patient care and encouraging those patients to continue on the journey they have started. We can only achieve that through skilled, warm, approachable people who are happy and satisfied in the environment they work.

That’s why we’re always looking for extraordinary and talented people who want to be part of something special and build a career with Centre for Dentistry. We’re looking for people who enjoy coming to work and making a difference, people who want to feel part of a growing organisation as well as be focused in their local practice, building and caring for their own patient community.

Whether you’re a dynamic receptionist, experienced dental nurse, budding manager or brilliant dentist, it’s a great time to join the dental revolution and become part of the Centre for Dentistry team. Browse our dental job vacancies >>

What makes each practice successful?

Our practices attract patients and turn them into long term loyal followers by removing the three principal barriers of access, cost and fear.

  • We make it easy to access dental care by being located inside Sainsbury’s stores, by staying open for long hours, and by making it welcoming for people to pop in and have a chat before they commit to making an appointment.
  • We remove the barrier of cost by providing private dentistry that offers truly excellent value for money.
  • Finally, we remove fear by letting them move from shopping one minute, to being in a dental chair the next, which seems to soften any worry associated with visiting the dentist.

Over half of our patients come from the 40% of the UK population who do not currently go to a dentist at all.

A dental career with a difference…

We’re looking for people who place patient care at the heart of all that they do, and who understand that building a relationship of trust with patients is key to building a loyal book. We welcome people looking for a long term career at Centre for Dentistry.

We also want people who appreciate the huge value and potential that our partner Sainsbury’s brings to the table. Simply being within their stores reassures their shoppers that we are trustworthy, and the significant footfall their stores enjoy, brings a huge potential patient base to our door.

The catchment of each store is around 50,000 people, enough to fill London’s O2 arena two and a half times. This calls for clinicians and front of house staff who are willing to leave the confines of the practice, roam the toothpaste aisle and help and make friends with potential patients. We’ve found that, by doing this, people are more likely to talk about their worries and book an appointment. We need front of house people who are not afraid to use the store tannoy, talk to people about our service, and to integrate with the Sainsbury’s store staff.

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