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3 things to think about when considering orthodontics

Date: 8 August 2019 Category:

3 things to think about when considering orthodontics

Deciding whether or not to get braces can be quite a daunting prospect. It may seem like there are countless options for the type of braces; a minefield of treatment costs; if the treatment will work and what colour brackets to have! We thought that we would put together a list of three key things to think about when considering orthodontics:

    1.What kind of braces are you interested in?

It will probably help to list if any of your lifestyle factors would impact on getting braces. You might feel like you’re too mature for fixed braces and would prefer to go for a more discreet option, or you may be quite busy and don’t want the hassle of having to take your brace out every time that you have to eat or drink. Your dentist or orthodontist will talk through the options of brace appliances available for your needs and you can discuss your lifestyle factors with them so they can recommend the right appliance for you.

    2. Can you commit to maintaining excellent oral hygiene?

If you have braces, it can be more difficult to ensure that your teeth are being kept clean. This can happen by food sticking in the nooks and crannies of the braces and can be tricky to remove if you don’t know how or don’t brush your teeth often enough. This can cause problems for your oral health such as caries and staining. Your orthodontist will be able to advise you on the best way to clean your teeth and you can pick up all the tools needed from your local Centre for Dentistry practice.  Your orthodontist will also recommend regular appointments with a hygienist to ensure that your oral hygiene is at it’s best. You can save on regular hygiene appointments at Centre for Dentistry with our Annual Dental Plan.

    3. What is the cost of orthodontics?

The cost of braces does vary from case to case depending on the complexity of the treatment. Don’t let that put you off achieving your dream smile! Following your initial consultation at Centre for Dentistry, a full treatment plan will be provided for you showing the total cost of your treatment. This ensures that you are aware of the price of your treatment from the outset and means there will be no unexpected costs along the way. Centre for Dentistry offers access to 0% interest finance for all dental treatments over £500 to help you spread the cost over 12 months. That means a straighter smile could be more accessible that you think! Ask your local practice team for more information or find out more about 0% finance.

Your dentist/orthodontist is the best person to discuss everything with. Dr Omer Mustafa, Dentist with a Special Interest in Orthodontics, works across several of our South practices and currently offers free consultations.

Dr Omer Mustafa

Thank you card from Omer's patient.

If you do decide to book in for your free consultation, you can book with Dr Omer Mustafa at a number of our Centre for Dentistry Practices; Fosse Park, Tamworth, ThanetFulham, Brookwood, Calcot and Welwyn Garden City.

Omer graduated from The University of Sheffield in 2006, and went on to complete postgraduate training in clinical Orthodontics in 2010. Omer provides a range of treatments including cosmetic fixed braces, lingual discreet braces and removable braces such as Invisalign.

He has had wonderful feedback from his patients such as from Sarah who had braces for her wedding (right). Omer can help by assessing if braces are right for your teeth, if they will benefit you, what sort of results you could expect and what type of braces will best fit around your lifestyle.

For more information on orthodontics and to book an appointment with Omer, you can contact directly one of the 7 practices he works at.

Fosse Park | 0116 308 7002
Tamworth | 01827 427 002
Thanet | 01843 377 002
Fulham | 0203 6968 902
Brookwood | 01483 370 002
Calcot | 0118 945 3534
Welwyn Garden City | 01707 497 002


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