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At Centre for Dentistry we are passionate about making a difference in the dental industry. We want to make visits to the dentist accessible, welcoming and supportive. To achieve that we need exceptional teams of people for whom patient care remains the prime reason they elected to train in this industry in the first place.

We are “corporate” in the strict definition of the word – we have multiple practices in 25 towns and cities up and down the UK – but we don’t think like a corporate and we certainly don’t run the business through spreadsheets and cost cutting.  Our focus is on two things – patients and the people who look after the patients. We believe that profit is simply a bi-product of supporting and looking after these two groups of people

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What makes each practice successful?

Our practices attract patients and turn them into long term loyal followers by removing the three principal barriers of access, cost and fear.

  • We make it easy to access dental care by being located inside Sainsbury’s stores, by staying open for long hours, and by making it welcoming for people to pop in and have a chat before they commit to making an appointment.
  • We remove the barrier of cost by providing private dentistry that offers truly excellent value for money.
  • Finally, we remove fear by simply being in a familiar and comfortable location and by offering a warm welcome to all our patients

Over half of our patients come from the 40% of the UK population who do not currently go to a dentist at all.

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