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Centre for Dentistry support the community with Stoptober

Date: 19 September 2019 Category:

Centre for Dentistry support the community with Stoptober

Throughout October, our practices are supporting the community with Stoptober, making it their mission to spread the word about the negative effects smoking has on your oral health. Smoking increases the risk of mouth cancer, stained teeth and gum disease which many people are unaware of. If you’re a little apprehensive or haven’t been to see a dentist for a while – don’t worry our teams are here to help and especially great in helping nervous or anxious patients. Take your first step today and book an appointment online to see the dentist so we can help get you on your journey to a healthier and brighter smile!

Stoptober is an NHS 28-day stop smoking campaign which launched in 2012 to encourage and support smokers to quit. Public Health England (2019) stated “if you can stop smoking for 28-days, you are five times more likely to be able to stay quit for good”.

At Centre for Dentistry, we are passionate in educating and raising awareness to our patients and the local community the risks smoking has on your teeth and oral health and help improve the appearance and overall health of your smile. We make it easy for you to visit the dentist, as our dental practices are conveniently located inside Sainsbury’s with flexible appointment times including late evenings and Saturdays, free car parking and you can book your dental appointment online.

Stained teeth

One of the main long term side effects of smoking is staining on the teeth. This is caused by the nicotine and tar found inside the cigarettes, turning the teeth yellowish and brown. If you have recently quit smoking or are wanting to challenge yourself to stop, there are treatments provided at your local dental practice help improve this.

  • Scale and polishes are a great way to start. A good clean of the teeth is fundamental in improving the appearance of staining. This can be followed by an air polish treatment, a more intense clean which is better able to remove surface stains.
  • We also offer two whitening treatments, At-Home or In-Practice whitening, depending on what best suits your lifestyle helping to get your teeth brighter and whiter. Your dentist will be able to talk through these options during your new patient exam.

Gum Disease

Another damaging effect of regular smoking is the masking of gum disease. This affects the soft tissue supporting the teeth in place making tooth loss a very real possibility. Someone with gum disease will notice that their gums bleed very easily which may prompt them to book a dental appointment, but smoking prevents this being detected. The toxins in the cigarettes affect the structure and functions of blood vessels in the gums making the smoker less likely to bleed. With regular visits to the hygienist and cleaning of the teeth and gums after stopping smoking this is potentially reversible. Those who smoke or have quit, book online to see the hygienist for a detailed oral hygiene advice and to aim to regain that healthy smile!

Oral Cancer Screenings

The most severe effect of smoking out of these is oral cancer. A lot of people are not aware of this effect and that heavy smoking can increase your risk of oral cancer as much as 15 times. With regular screenings from your dentist and help to stop smoking we can aim to avoid this possibility and keep your smile as healthy as possible.

Let us keep your smile as healthy as possible!

  • For more information and to register and book your new patient exam today, simply complete the short form below and click ‘Request Callback’ and we will contact you by phone to assist you with your enquiry.

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