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CFD Supports #BeBodyKind for Mental Health Awareness Week

Date: 16 May 2019 Category:

CFD Supports #BeBodyKind for Mental Health Awareness Week

Maintaining good mental health is becoming increasingly more important with stresses that modern life can bring. Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW), organised by The Mental Health Foundation, aims to raise the profile of, and promote good mental health. This year the focus of MHAW is around body image and how we see ourselves. The foundation has published information which links a decreased quality of mental health with being unhappy with your appearance.

Body image can extend to how you feel about your smile and, with the rise of the Hollywood Smile, it can be easy to perceive your teeth in a negative way if it’s anything but the high pressure standards of bright, white, straight teeth. Dental anxiety can also affect how you see and feel about your smile. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a few years and have encountered problems that have impacted the appearance of your smile, it may not only contribute to poor body image but also could reinforce this anxiety of going to the dentist through a fear of being judged.

At Centre for Dentistry, we want to encourage everyone to #BeBodyKind this Mental Health Awareness week and beyond, and to love your smile as each one is unique. 

A smile is a wonderful thing – it can light up a room and show that you’re happy, pleased and loved. They also keep your face looking like you as they support muscle, skin and ligaments. They allow you to speak and they enable you to eat delicious food. Make a decision this MHAW to not only be kind to how you see your smile, and appreciate your idiosyncrasies; but also to be kind to your oral health. At Centre for Dentistry, we would like to encourage you to visit your dentist if you’ve not been in a while. Regular dental visits are important when maintaining good oral health – and overall health – as they can provide advice and treatment.

If you’re feeling anxious about going to the dentist, there is lots of support out there to help you overcome your fears. Your local dental team is there to support you every step of the way so why not take your first step and visit your local practice for a cup of tea and a chat? You can also pick up our free guide to dental phobia #NoMoreDentalFear, produced in partnership with Anxiety UK. The guide is also available online.

Centre for Dentistry has been working with Anxiety UK for the past year and a half to raise awareness of the support available for people suffering with dental phobia, and our teams have been working hard to fundraise for the charity. This is what Nicky Lidbetter, CEO of Anxiety UK had to say:

“Anxiety UK and Centre for Dentistry have worked together via a Charity of the Year relationship that has been so mutually positive such that the relationship has continued far beyond the usual annual term. Over that time, CFD staff have shown incredible enthusiasm for raising funds for Anxiety UK; embarking on a wide range of fundraising initiatives – many of which have been innovative and different to traditional fun-runs etc. As a result, not only were much-needed funds raised but we have helped to improve awareness of the help available to overcome ‘dental anxiety’. Anxiety UK would like to formally thank CFD for their support over the past 18 months and look forward to collaborating on relevant future oral health projects.”

Next steps

All of our teams are involved with various activities throughout Mental Health Awareness Week and you can help too by visiting your nearest practice and donating. Why not ask for advice or have a chat with the team whilst you’re there if you are nervous. Perhaps bring a friend who is anxious and help them take those first steps? If nothing else, do try and be kinder to yourself when judging your mouth’s appearance and seek advice about anything that is stopping you smiling with confidence!

Find out what activities your nearest Centre for Dentistry practice is doing for Mental Health Awareness Week by checking out their local Facebook page.

If you suffer with Dental Anxiety, we’re here to help. Remember, you can download our guide to #NoMoreDentalFear, pop into one of our practices to have a friendly chat over a cuppa with the staff, call our free helpline on 0333 1234 225 or email us on

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