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Enlighten At CFD For Teeth Whitening With Guaranteed Results

Date: 7 May 2015 Category:

Having a whiter, brighter smile can make you look and feel healthier, younger and it can help boost confidence so it’s no wonder it’s become a very popular treatment. There are several different ways to brighten a smile all with differing levels of effectiveness, with products available over the counter and from the dentist.

At CFD, we believe that our patients deserve to have beautiful white and healthy looking teeth without the risk of damage to teeth from the whitening process. There shouldn’t be any risk of sensitivity or discomfort and the procedure shouldn’t carry any general health risks.

Finally, we believe that patients should be guaranteed a great result, not just a few shades lighter but the very best and brightest result possible.

With this in mind the CFD team have spent the past few months exploring all the different teeth whitening systems available in order to find the very best. Our research has led us to an amazing product called Enlighten.

Enlighten is the only system available today which when administered by your CFD dentist, offers a guaranteed B1 result. There are no other products available on the market that can make the same promise!

So what is a B1 result?!

Put simply, a B1 result is the whitest, brightest colour a natural tooth can be.
The dentist uses a colour chart to grade the current colour of the patient’s teeth (there’s a sample shade chart shown below). Traditional teeth whitening has lightened teeth up to a certain number of shades, meaning the starting colour or depth of staining can affect the brightness of the end result. Enlighten is completely different treatment for patients because regardless of where teeth start on the colour chart, the end result of an in-practice treatment is guaranteed at that lovely bright B1 result.

At CFD we are really pleased to offer this system in two different ways, so you can choose the system that best suits your lifestyle. Here are the details:

Professional In-Practice Teeth Whitening

This treatment options follows a four-stage process that cares for and protects teeth and guarantees your B1 result:

Firstly the dentist makes an impression of the teeth. This is easy to do and means a bespoke tray is made which perfectly fits the patient, ensuring comfort when it’s worn. At the same appointment, the patient is given a special dental serum to take home and use to prepare the teeth for treatment and stop the risk of any sensitivity.

Once the tray has been crafted, the patient is given the first treatment at the practice, kick-starting the whitening process. Over the following two weeks the patients will use the whitening system at home as directed by the dentist. This system carefully and gently brightens the teeth whilst protecting from damage and sensitivity at the same time.

Normally during a whitening treatment, patients are advised to avoid anything that would stain a white t-shirt (coffee, red wine, curry and more). However, when whitening with Enlighten you don’t need to follow any specific dietary advice and can continue to enjoy your favourite food and drink during the process.

After two weeks, the patient returns to the dentist for the final treatment, which ensures that beautiful bright B1 guaranteed result. A kit is also provided for aftercare and maintenance.

Home Teeth Whitening

Because we understand that our patients lead very busy lives, we also wanted to offer a system that can be taken and used at home after the initial trip to the dentist. We have worked with Enlighten to create an effective system that delivers brilliantly white results from home.

An impression is taken so that a bespoke tray can be carefully crafted and the serum is supplied as described above. Once the tray is ready, it’s collected from the practice along with the rest of the whitening system and taken home to be used as directed for two weeks.

As the dentist doesn’t manage the process, B1 results can’t be guaranteed with the home system but if instructions are followed fully, exceptional results can be expected.

CFD are offering the Enlighten system to patients for world class teeth whitening at a price you simply won’t be able to beat anywhere else, just £159 (plus intital check-up £35) for the Home Kit or £399 for the Professional Whitening System.

Please do ask your dentist about this amazing system.

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