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Don’t let fear stop you visiting the dentist

Date: 29 October 2019 Category:

Don’t let fear stop you visiting the dentist

As Halloween approaches and “fear” is top of mind for many we thought we’d take this opportunity to talk about a little bit about dental fear and what you can do to overcome any fears you may have.

How common is dental anxiety?

Do you feel worried or frightened before you’ve even sat in the dental chair? Perhaps the mere thought of going to the dentist is enough to make you feel anxious? If you do, you’re certainly not alone — plenty of people suffer from some degree of dental anxiety, fear or phobia. Almost half of UK adults have a fear of the dentist and 12% of these suffer from an extreme dental anxiety which is generally caused by a bad experience in the past. It’s normal to have a mild fear and to feel a bit anxious before vising the dentist but when your fear stops you from getting treatment, leaving you in discomfort and in pain with a toothache or unhappy about the way your teeth look, this is concerning.

In a recent survey we carried out earlier this year, dental fear was the main reason for people not going to the dentist (17%) and visiting the dentist is ranked number one (22%) for making people nervous, even more so than heights (19%). Nearly 10 times as many people (22%) are nervous of visiting their dentists, compared to their doctor (2%). Over the past decade research has showed growing evidence linking poor oral health to serious health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, problems during pregnancy and dementia. There are clear links between oral health and overall health meaning it’s more important than ever to visit the dentist regularly and start or refine your oral health routine.

Don’t let fear stop you from smiling

At Centre for Dentistry we pride ourselves on making a difference and are passionate about supporting patients who suffer from fear and anxiety. We have a #NoMoreDentalFear programme which is tailored in helping patients with dental fears and phobias sympathetically. By taking small steps to become familiar with their dental practice, our patients feel increasingly comfortable and confident to undergo vital treatment. We invite our patients to come in and have a look around, speak to the team, have a conversation with the dentist and even sit in the dentist’s chair to familiarise them with the environment, without the need to have treatment done there and then. This process may take several weeks and we will support you throughout. We serve a reassuringly good cup of tea, too!

Here are top tips for making your dental visit more of a priority

I haven’t visited for a long time – Don’t worry, we often see patients who haven’t seen a dentist in 10, 20 or even 50 years. Please rest assured, we will be happy to welcome you no matter when your last appointment was. You might be surprised at how much things have changed over the years and your dentist will be very happy to help. Talk to your dental practice about how they work, any concerns you have and how they can help make your visit easier for you.

I’m too busy for the Dentist – If you’re struggling to fit your visit in your hectic schedule, why not look into a dental practice with more flexible appointment times? Centre for Dentistry is open early mornings, late nights and Saturdays, so you don’t have to take time off work, or the kids out of school for your appointments. It’s also good to remember that taking the time for the dentist is helping you maintain great oral health and prevent any issues down the line, with proven positive impacts on your overall heath and wellbeing.

I’m worried about the cost – If the thought of sky high expensive dental bills is putting you off, why not look into payment options that your dentist provides? Things like our £99 annual dental plan, or 0% finance options can make regular appointments or treatments a little easier on the purse strings.

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