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Fear of the dentist?

Date: 23 July 2015 Category:


Do you feel nervous and anxious before you’ve even sat in the dental chair?

If you do, you’re certainly not alone — plenty of people suffer from some degree of dental anxiety and phobia. Visiting a dentist nowadays though, can be a very different experience to what you might expect it to be, because things have moved on greatly…

At Centre for Dentistry we use minimally invasive procedures and modern techniques, putting the patient’s physical and mental wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.

Take Gordon for example, he’s a patient at Centre for Dentistry, who previously had a massive fear of the dentist. An urgent dental problem meant that he couldn’t avoid the dentist any longer and he turned up at Centre for Dentistry’s Rustington practice, but he was so anxious he very nearly walked out before he was even seen.

As soon as Gordon met our Dentist, Dr Jenny Andrews and experienced the way we do things here at Centre for Dentistry his attitude changed, he relaxed, the colour came back to his cheeks and his fear disappeared as rapidly as his extraction took. Gordon “couldn’t believe how quick the procedure was” and commented that he “never felt a thing”. He also completely avoided the drill.

Our friendly staff are trained and experienced in helping those who have a dental phobia. We have quiet consulting rooms where you can discuss any fears or con
cerns face to face with the dentist before deciding what, if any, treatment to have. You’re the one in control and we won’t put pressure on you to agree to any dental procedures.

The dentists at Centre for Dentistry are familiar with seeing people who haven’t been to the dentist for a long, long while so you won’t be an unusual case. We don’t judge — we just want to help you look after your teeth and show you that it really can be a positive and pain-free experience.

Anyway, don’t just take our word for it, have a look at the video above in which CFD patient Gordon, talks in more detail about how he’s gone from “perspiring in fear” at the mere thought of the dentist to positively “looking forward” to his appointment and coming back into the dental practice.

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