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Icon treats early tooth decay, stopping further decay leading to a filling

Date: 16 June 2015 Category:

At Centre for Dentistry, our dentists are always investigating the best products available to treat our patients, and we’ve recently been working very closely with the people at DMG to understand their clever product called Icon.

It’s an absolute breakthrough for patients because it offers pain free treatment for teeth with signs of early enamel damage – preventing any further decay resulting in the need for a filling later on.

There are three simple stages, all of which are completed in one visit and takes around 20 minutes.  Importantly none of these stages hurt in any way so this treatment is suitable for all patients and is especially brilliant for children.

  1. The tooth is prepared and cleaned for treatment using a special gel, this takes just a few moments.
  2. Next, a highly fluid acrylic is applied to the damaged area.  This fluid is absorbed right into the tooth, filling all the defects.
  3. The dentist will then set the area using a special light.  The defects are permanently filled with no visible signs of treatment.

It works when the damage is detected at an early stage so we recommend regular check-ups so that we can use Icon. Prevention is better than cure and Icon can stop further decay without the need for any needles or drilling.

For more information, please ask your Dentist at Centre for Dentistry.

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