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An interview with a dental therapist.

Date: 24 November 2018 Category: ,

An interview with a dental therapist.

Some of us may be a little unsure on what a dental therapist does. We caught up with Jonathan Bardell at Centre for Dentistry Sheffield Wadsley Bridge to find out more about dental therapists and how they help us to look after our teeth….

So Jonathan, what does a dental therapist do?

We work alongside the dentist to keep our patients smiles as healthy as possible. We can complete a selected range of treatments under the dentist’s prescription. This can include scale and polishes; periodontal treatment and fillings.

We’ve all heard that scale and polishes are great for our teeth, but why are they?

Over time plaque, if not cleaned away properly, will build up & harden on your teeth as calculus & tartar. It’s a perfectly natural thing for us to have but it cannot be removed by a normal toothbrush. A scale and polish aims to remove the plaque and gives your teeth a good clean.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

I love getting to know my patients and really building a rapport with them. I think it’s integral for great communication so I can let them know how best to look after their mouths and help my patients to feel at ease.

What’s your best advice for keeping our smiles their healthiest at home?

Brush for two minutes for twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, clean between your teeth and remember to spit – don’t rinse! An electric toothbrush is also a great addition to your oral hygiene routine, our dental plan members also get a discount on an electric toothbrush in practice.


Jonathan Bardell (Sheffield, 2013)

Jonathan Bardell - Dental Hygienist Therapist at Centre for Dentistry Sheffield Wadsley BridgeDental Therapist/Hygienist, GDC No. 244478

I graduated from The School of Clinical Dentistry in Sheffield in 2013 with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy. I’m great with nervous patients, bringing empathy to every appointment to put you at ease. My focus is on preventative dentistry and giving patients the tools to look after their oral hygiene on a daily basis.



Jonathan has appointments available at Centre for Dentistry, Sheffield Wadsley Bridge every Thursday and alternate Friday and Saturdays. Call the practice to make your appointment 0114 317 7002 or you can book online or via our app



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