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Mouth Cancer Action Month

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Mouth Cancer Action Month

November is Mouth Cancer Action Month. Anyone can be affected by mouth cancer. Your dentist will check for signs during your dental exam. Why not book an appointment if you’ve not seen your dentist in a while? Call 0333 0162 230 for advice or book an appointment online or via our app

Mouth Cancer Action Month (MCAM) is organised by The Oral Health Foundation to raise awareness of mouth cancer, including the causes, treatment and how to prevent it. Anyone can be affected by mouth cancer, whether they have their own teeth or not.

Mouth cancers are more common in people over 40, particularly men. However, research has shown that mouth cancer is becoming more common in younger patients and in women. There are, on average, almost 6000 new cases of mouth cancer diagnosed in the UK each year. The number of new cases of mouth cancer is on the increase. It’s important to attend regular check-ups with your dentist as they will be able to spot the early warning signs. If mouth cancer is spotted early, the chances of a complete cure are good, and the smaller the area or ulcer the better the chance of a cure.  There are also lifestyle changes that we all can make to reduce our risk of oral cancer:

  • Quit smoking
  • Reduce alcohol intake and drink responsibly
  • Attend regular dental check-ups

Check out our dentist’s blog from 2017 MCAM to find out more about these lifestyle factors. You can also contact your dentist and book a check-up.  You can see how you can get involved in Mouth Cancer awareness month and donate to The Oral Health Foundation via their website. If you’re waiting for your dental appointment this month, or just fancy giving it a go – why not try out our Mouth Cancer Action Month word search?



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