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Shoppers are surprised by Mr Molar’s Sugar Challenge.

Date: 28 August 2018 Category:

Shoppers are surprised by Mr Molar’s Sugar Challenge.

The team at Centre for Dentistry Harrogate were joined by Mr Molar on Tuesday 21st August to invite Sainsbury’s shoppers to have a go at Mr Molar’s Sugar Challenge. This was to demonstrate how much sugar is in our drinks and how drinking them regularly may impact on our oral health. 

Shoppers at Sainsbury’s Harrogate were encouraged to take part in the deceptively difficult sugar challenge to see if they could identify the amount of sugar contained in every day drinks, with some surprising results! Most shoppers assumed that the Monster energy drink would have the highest sugar content, being fooled by the seemingly innocent Yop flavoured yogurt drink. Other challengers were surprised to learn that “low sugar” strawberry flavoured water contained more sugar than the Lucozade energy drink, with a whopping 17g of sugar!

Mr Molars Sugar Challenge CFD Harrogate

The purpose of this challenge was to show shoppers how sugar can effect their oral health and how the team at Centre for Dentistry can help keep their oral health at it’s optimum and tips on what to do at home. Read more about the effects of sugar on our oral health in the team’s previous blog.

Jamie Bevan from the practice said:

“I was genuinely shocked to see the amount of sugar contained in some of these drinks. It goes to show that packaging for these products can be deceiving and we should all take more care to look at what we are consuming and when we are consuming them. Always check the label!”

The younger challengers also received a free gift from Mr Molar and the CFD team for taking part to help them maintain and look after their smiles. If you visited us and received your pack then remember to use your two minute timer when brushing your teeth twice a day! We welcome any before and after photos from the plaque disclosing task also included in the gift bag.

During his visit, Mr Molar was fundraising for Anxiety UK with a raffle for the chance to win a kids Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush with Bluetooth! The raffle is on-going, so for your chance to win, call into the practice before 4th September. Any donations are welcome!

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