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New supermarket dentist wants UK to brush up on price displays

Date: 26 June 2015 Category:

New supermarket dentist wants UK to brush up on price displays

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The in-store dentists at Sainsbury’s, Centre for Dentistry, is promoting clear pricing for its treatments in response to reports in the media that UK dentistry costs are confusing, often too much or are dependent on where you live.

Whilst dentists are contractually required to have prices on display and dentists should communicate costs to patients prior to treatment, consumer watchdog Which? revealed in its finding in January, that this was far from the case. The report uncovered that out of a survey of 1000 people, 51% of respondents said they did not see a display of prices for dental treatments.

Centre for Dentistry is working hard to make all its prices transparent and affordable and to make sure there are no surprises with costs. The brand sets out its prices on a poster in the reception area, as well as actively advertising the prices of popular treatments like a scale and polish and an annual dental plan inside the supermarkets, on social media and in the press.

Lisa Riley, CEO of Centre for Dentistry, said: “The idea of Centre for Dentistry is that this is a new kind of dentist situated in branches of Sainsbury’s superstore. We want to make sure we dispel all the negative associations with going to the dentist and that includes confusing costs or uncommunicated costs. Our prices are the same where ever you live in the country also, which means there is no unfair postcode lottery, where if you live in one area you may pay more than you would at a dentist in the next town.”

The British Dental Health Foundation revealed that 19 percent of people surveyed said they delayed their treatment due to costs. When prices are unknown or confusing or simply not explained by a dentist, this can discourage patients from seeking treatment, who are concerned about the family budget.

“We want to lead by example with the way we approach costs and displaying them. Because our dentists are situated literally in a retail environment it makes sense to advertise our prices in a bold way. We very much hope the industry in general gets to grips with this being an important matter, so the UK’s dental health is not affected by people who are in the dark about the payments side of dental care.”

Centre for Dentistry is a private chain of dental practices which is rolling out in Sainsbury’s superstores across the country. There are currently 25 practices up and running in or near Sainsbury’s stores around the UK, with many more planned.

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