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#NoMoreDentalFear this Mental Health Awareness Week

Date: 11 May 2018 Category:

#NoMoreDentalFear this Mental Health Awareness Week

The 14th – 20th May marks Mental Health Awareness Week, organised by The Mental Health Foundation, which aims to reduce the stigma of those suffering with mental health problems and promote a happy state of mind. Anxiety is a common mental health disorder which, according to Anxiety UK, affects 5 in every 100 of us. Anxiety can take many forms, ranging from general anxiety disorder to more specific phobias and anxieties such as dental fear – of which the scientific term is ‘Ondontophobia.’

Dental phobia is common, with 12% of the population suffering with a dental phobia, and approximately half of the population feeling the fear. It’s unsurprising that Dentistry gets a bad rep, with children’s books such as ‘The Demon Dentist’ by David Walliams and film portrayals like Willy Wonka’s scary Dentist Dad personifying our fears of the dentist. At Centre for Dentistry we want to change this and we’re passionate about supporting anxious patients.

Talking About Dental Anxiety

We understand that, for some people, even the thought of a trip to the dentist may leave your palms clammy and that you may not have been for a check-up in many years because you fear the dentist. If you can relate to that, you are certainly not alone. We see many patients who have come to us after a long absence – be that 10, 20 or 50 years – since their last dental visit and it’s great to see those same patients relax and realise it’s not as bad as they had thought. Your oral health can have such a significant impact on your overall health, so it’s really important to maintain regular dental check ups and good oral hygiene habits.

We want to show people that a trip to your local dental practice can be as normal as picking up a loaf of bread from the shop. All of our practices are based in Sainsbury’s, which provides a safe, familiar backdrop to normalise your visit. Our dental teams are fantastic with nervous patients and our bright and modern practices are also open late nights and Saturdays to work around your busy lifestyle.  This Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re challenging you to face your fear as part of our #NoMoreDentalFear campaign, in partnership with Anxiety UK, to help more and more people overcome their phobia of the dentist and come and have regular dental check-ups.

Download your free guide to #NoMoreDentalFear

In partnership with Anxiety UK, we’ve created a guide about Dental Anxiety and Phobia which explains all about this issue and also gives lots of practical advice on how you can start your journey to #FaceYourFear. You can download it here or pop into your local CFD practice to pick one up.

Campaigning this Mental Health Awareness Week

Our practices across the country have been doing their part to help #NoMoreDentalFear by raising money for Anxiety UK. A few highlights from our practices activities include:

  • The amazing team from CFD Chichester walked a marathon (42km) in a day on Sunday 6th May, successfully completing the journey on a (luckily) lovely sunny bank holiday! They have raised over £380 so far. You can find out more and donate via JustGiving.

The team at Chichester are proud of their achievement!

  • The team at CFD Blackpool and Preston are also doing their own epic expedition, beyond MHAW, from one practice to the other to fundraise for the charity on 5th August. Other staff members from local CFD practices are also due to join the group. You can also find out all about their journey and donate at JustGiving.


  • Centre for Dentistry Tamworth are holding an open day on Wednesday 16th May offering a chance for people to pop into the practice to have a look around between 8am – 2pm. Nurses and Dentists will be available for any questions you might have and to offer tips on how to relax when coming for your dental appointment.


  • CFD Sheffield Wadsley Bridge are running a prize draw to win a free scale and polish among other treats to relax you. Entries are only a minimum £1 donation.


  • Other practices are also offering you the chance to win fabulous prizes including lots of dental goodies (of course)! CFD Wakefield, Harrogate and Brighton are all holding competitions.

Mr Molar would love to win CFD Sheffield Wadsley's prize draw

At the heart of it is your oral health

Of course at the centre of these events and fundraising at Centre for Dentistry is that going for regular dental check-ups is key to maintain good oral health and a healthy smile. This message is also promoted by National Smile Month, which begins on the same day of Mental Health Awareness Week (14th May) and continues until 14th June. National Smile Month aims to increase awareness of the importance of brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, reducing consumption of sugary foods and drinks and attending the dentist regularly. You can also look out for events and promotions our practices will be doing for National Smile Month by popping into your local practice, following their local Facebook page and downloading the CFD patient app.

Next steps

All of our teams are involved with various activities throughout Mental Health Awareness Week and you can help too by visiting your nearest practice, donating or even by facing the fear yourself.

Check out what activities your nearest Centre for Dentistry practice are doing for Mental Health Awareness Week by checking out their local Facebook page.

If you suffer with Dental Anxiety, we’re here to help. Remember, you can download our guide to #NoMoreDentalFear, pop into one of our practices to have a friendly chat over a cuppa with the staff, call our free helpline on 0333 1234 225 or email us at any time on