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Dawn Cooling – CFD Brookwood

Dear Dr Alroyayamina, I would like to say a huge thank you to you and the lady that was with you observing. I came into the dentist at Sainsbury’s on Sunday 16th October. I was in pain and I came in as an emergency and I was terrified as I had had such a bad experience before at a dentist. You both put me at ease. In all my years, I have never been to such an excellent dentist. Even though I was an emergency patient, you spent time talking to me and explaining what you were going to do and how. When you put all injections in, I was so surprised there was no pain and you kept checking I was alright. Even though you were running over time, you still made sure that you got me out of pain… It was so refreshing to be spoken to like a human being. If there were more dentists like you, then believe me people would not be so terrified to come. Also, I thought the price was amazing – I thought it would be so much more than that. As I say I can never thank you enough and I will highly recommend you to anyone I know.