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Dom Vickers – CFD Sheffield AR

“Before using Centre for Dentistry I did have regular dental check ups….once every 6 years or so….essentially dentists scare the *cant say that on google* out of me. I hate their line of work with a passion and would do anything to avoid going. Then, on the run up to my wedding I couldn’t put it off any longer and booked an appointment at Centre for Dentistry. I am so glad I did. In Centre for Dentistry I have found an incredibly dedicated and friendly team, who helped me so much to overcome my pretty bad anxiety whilst turning around my dental health. My teeth have never looked better and it is all down to the people who make it what it is. my dentist Chetan is a consummate professional who has reduced my anxiety around dentists from “I cannot do this” to “its not nice but I am in safe hands”. The same can definitely be said for Michelle, the hygienist, whose great attitude towards dental health and patience with me(!) has made a quite unpleasant experience just about bearable. Practice manager Becky is always smiling and happy to help, and brightens up an otherwise (for the patients at least) unenjoyable place to be. Finally, all of the supporting dental nurses are also great people who are doing their company proud. This team is awesome and have changed the way I feel about dental health; if you don’t like dentists then I would recommend you try Centre for Dentistry on Archer Road. The team there may just change your mind too….”

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