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Centre for Dentistry Promotes Clear, Visible, Uniform Treatment Prices

Date: 24 March 2015 Category:

Centre for Dentistry Promotes Clear, Visible, Uniform Treatment Prices

Centre for Dentistry, the new dentist in selected Sainsbury’s stores, is promoting transparent, affordable and clear pricing for treatments as the dentistry industry in the UK is criticised for poor communication of costs and over charging patients.

Consumer watchdog Which? recently revealed that a large proportion of dentists, NHS and private, throughout the UK are not being upfront or communicating clearly their prices and options related to costs.

The survey of 1000 people conducted by Which? published at the beginning of the year, revealed that 51 percent of people who visited a dentist in a six month period did not see a price list. One in five patients said they were unclear about exact charges ahead of receiving treatment.

Which? conducted an undercover investigation of 25 dental practices in the UK – both NHS and private and discovered that eight were found to be poor or very poor for explaining prices and treatment options – with only half of the researchers witnessing a price list on display.

Clear Pricing To Build Trust And Confidence

In contrast, with an extensive advertising campaign to promote prices that fit the family budget, such as £39 for a scale and polish and £99 for an annual dental plan, Centre for Dentistry is going the extra mile to inform the public about its competitive range of treatments.

Centre for Dentistry is a brand that is setting out to make private treatment affordable to families and in doing this, spelling out clearly how much each treatment, health related and cosmetic, will cost, in clear, accessible ways.

Lisa Riley, CEO of Centre for Dentistry said: “It’s very important to focus on the patient as a customer with choices, not as another patient on the books to process. As a dental brand associated with the supermarket Sainsbury’s, our growing number of practices are very much focused on providing clear pricing information to our patients. We have located our practices within a retail environment and so are committed to placing our prices in prominent positions, such as displaying A3 posters in reception and for popular treatments we have billboards and additional store posters on display in many locations.”

One Price, No Postcode Lottery

Generally speaking, dentists have prices that are often different depending on the region the practice is located in. This is referred to as ‘a postcode lottery’ and presents an unwelcome disparity which has caused a backlash in the media for its unfairness. It has led to a further problem in locations where prices are high, as people are put off spending their money on required treatment. A survey by the British Dental Health Foundation found the 19 percent of patients delayed treatment because of costs.

From the outset, Centre for Dentistry has a policy of ensuring its prices for treatments are uniformly the same for every region they have a practice within, throughout the country. What’s more, those prices are uniformly low and there is also the option of a Dental Payments Plan (DPP). This is important, as Which? also stated that in another survey they found that 35% of respondents said they chose a DPP to help them avoid unexpected bills. Senior Business Researcher, Bobby Nicholls at Which? commented that “DPPs are a good way to spread the cost of private treatment over a year”.

Trust Essential To Patients

Unknown prices for treatments can contribute to resistance to visiting the dentist. By visiting a dentist annually this reduces the risk of tooth decay by 60 percent, which means every effort must be made to improve perceptions of dentistry across the industry.

Centre for Dentistry is intent on redefining the way people view dentistry and restoring faith in the service, with one major step by making prices easy to see and understand.


Notes To Editors:
Centre for Dentistry was founded in 2011 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Medico Dental Holdings (MDHL). The company is managed by a team balancing extensive experience with proven records of innovation. The team represents appropriate excellence in clinical practice, patient care, corporate and financial governance, partner relations and store retailing.

Current Centre For Dentistry Locations In Sainsbury’s Stores:
Benfleet, Blackpool, Brighton, Bristol, Brookwood, Calcot, Camberley, Cardiff, Chichester, Christchurch, Crosby, Fosse Park, Fulham, Harrogate, Leigh, Oldbury, Preston, Rustington, Sheffield (Archer Rd), Sheffield (Clay Wheels Lane), South Kensington, Tamworth, Thanet, Wakefield, Welwyn Garden City… More coming soon!

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NOTE: The Which? report investigation was conducted from the point of view of an NHS patient looking for treatment in NHS dental practices and private dental practices that offered NHS treatment. Centre for Dentistry is a private dentist which does not take NHS patients. With low prices, professional treatment and a new model for accessible dentistry the brand is offering a new proposition for dental healthcare.

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