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5 Resolutions to keep your smile sparkling

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5 Resolutions to keep your smile sparkling

A New Year is a great time for us all to take stock of what goals we want to achieve of the next 12 months, and to start to create new routines to help us reach these. New Year resolutions may range from career goals, wanting to spend more time on our hobbies and interests, or improving our health. But do we think about how we can look after our smiles in 2019? We want to give you 5 of our top resolutions to help keep your smile sparkling over the coming year.

1. Brush twice daily for two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste

You may be familiar with this mantra but did you know that just under a third of UK adults don’t brush their teeth twice a day? Brushing our teeth helps to minimise plaque build up, which over time if left alone can increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Here are our top tips to help make this habit stick.

  • Set an alarm twice a day to remind you to brush your teeth.
  • Make brushing your teeth enjoyable – listen to two minutes of your favourite song, audio book or podcast.
  • Use a habit tracking app such as HabitBull so you can see your progress over time.

2. Clean in-between your teeth once a day

Brushing your teeth alone only reaches 60% of the tooth’s surface. By cleaning in between your teeth, you’re reducing that pesky plaque build up even further to help achieve optimum oral health. There are several ways to clean in-between your teeth, from floss and inter-dental brushes to water flossing, your Dentist or Hygienist will be able to advise you on the best method to suit your needs. You can also help cement this into a habit using our tips and tricks for brushing your teeth twice a day.

3. Visit the Dentist inside Sainsbury’s

Regular dental check-ups are integral to excellent oral health. Centre for Dentistry makes attending your appointments even easier with our convenient location inside Sainsbury’s, free parking and flexible appointment times. You can book your appointment by contacting your local practice, or by booking online.

4. Evaluate how much sugar you have in a day

New Year usually is a time when we think about our nutrition and fitness and may make lifestyle changes to help us on our way to a healthier body. Consuming junk food and drink such as fizzy pop, takeaways, fried foods and treats with high sugar content on a regular basis may cause problems such as obesity, which could then lead to further problems such as diabetes and heart disease (Source: NHS). Excessive consumption of sugary foods and drinks can also have an impact on our smiles.

The high sugar content in treats such as fizzy pop; chocolate and sweets can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. This is caused by the bacteria on your teeth feeding off the sugar and producing an acid which erodes your enamel. It can take up to 40 minutes for this acid and it’s effects to clear, so consuming sugary goods throughout the day will lead to repeated acid attacks on the teeth. Try and keep sugary drinks to set times during the day, rather than grazing throughout. To find out more about acid erosion, read our blog all about pH levels in the mouth.

5. Brighten your smile at Centre for Dentistry

If you’d like to brighten your smile, there are several treatment options to consider at your dental practice to help you achieve this. Centre for Dentistry offers Air Polish –  a simple hygiene treatment that effectively removes stains on the teeth and discolouration while thoroughly removing dental plaque.  This innovative technique removes plaque and staining, often caused by drinking red wine, tea/coffee and smoking, to restore a natural smile.

                              Tamworth Air Polish Before and After                  Tamworth Air Polish before and after


If you wish to brighten your smile further, teeth whitening is a great option. At Centre for Dentistry, there are two options: In Practice whitening (application by the dentist) or Home Whitening. In Practice whitening costs a little more but guarantees an excellent level of whiteness (known in the industry as a B1 shade). If you ask in one of our practices, they can show you a colour shade sample. Teeth whitening is generally suitable and safe for everyone and will not harm your teeth.

For more information or dental advice please find your nearest Centre for Dentistry practice. You can also book an appointment online or via the app.We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2019. 

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