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Revolutionary Treatment For Removing White Spots From Teeth

Date: 21 June 2015 Category:

First up, what causes the white spots?

Often associated with braces and noticed after removal, white spots form on the smooth surfaces of teeth and develop as a result of microscopically small areas of damage in the enamel.

The spots represent an area of tooth enamel that has been exposed to plaque for quite a long time. This plaque has released an acid which in turn, caused mineral loss from the area.  It’s called decalcification and it causes the top surfaces of the enamel to become softer and more porous (kind of like a sponge).  In the process, it gets whiter.

Mineral loss of this kind can be halted by careful oral hygiene (good brushing and lots of flossing) and fluoride therapy but unfortunately, not always.  The area of tooth with the white spot represents the beginnings of a cavity forming and left untreated, could result in a brown spot and the need for a filling.

How can white spots be removed?

At Centre for Dentistry, we can offer a treatment called Icon.  It’s smart because it seals the enamel structure again and balances out the difference in shade. It’s often used for the treatment of early stage cavities anywhere in the mouth. It’s exceptionally brilliant at repairing and as a result, removing these white spots from front teeth.

Using a 3-stage process, first the dentist will prepare the tooth using a special gel.  Next a highly fluid acrylic is applied to the damaged area and this fluid is absorbed into the tooth, filling up the tiny defects.  Then the dentist will use a special light to complete the treatment and the defects are permanently filled, the white spots no longer visible.

The treatment takes around 20 minutes and is complete within one visit.  There are no needles or drilling require. It’s a pain free service.

Even without a brace, it’s still possible to develop white spots on your front teeth and in order to correct this, traditional options have included some drilling.

Icon is a considerably less complicated, gentler and entirely pain free method.
Ask the dentist at CfD for more information.

Written by Helen Forsyth
Information supplied by DMG, creators of Icon.


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