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Smile Makeover with Cosmetic Bonding

Date: 19 July 2017 Category: ,

Smile Makeover with Cosmetic Bonding

Miss Sarabjot Manku recently visited Centre for Dentistry Camberley for guidance on whether she could get the perfect smile she wanted in time for her wedding. Sarabjot talks us through her experiences and the impact this has had on her smile and confidence…

Disappointed with the shape of my teeth

“I have always been very disappointed with my teeth. Both the shape of my teeth and the fact that I did not have very many teeth at the top of my mouth had bothered me for a long time.

I thought the only option was porcelain veneers and I knew these would damage my natural teeth and were very costly. I had resigned myself to either paying this large amount of money or just not smiling with my teeth on my wedding day.

Veneers not the only option

I discussed all my concerns with Dr Jabbar. She listened to me very carefully and presented all the options to me. She made me feel at ease and I felt comfortable to ask her as many questions as I wanted to. She typed me up a comprehensive treatment plan that was personalised especially for me only a few hours after I left the dental office, and she emailed this to me promptly.

She even had positive things to say about my teeth that I had never noticed and she highlighted this at the beginning of the treatment plan. This was a real confidence booster.

I did not realise that composite fillings could be an option for me to improve my smile. Dr Jabbar explained this whole procedure carefully, all of the pros and cons and the costs. I was very pleased with the reasonable cost.

Involved at every stage

Dr Jabbar carried out my treatment and it took only two dental visits. During the whole procedure, she would explain what she was about to do and actually involved me throughout. For example, she made sure I was happy with the shade she was picking for my teeth and after every tooth was shaped, she would show me to see if I was happy with the outcome.

I experienced very minimal discomfort during the procedure and I felt relaxed because I was involved at every stage.

The end results

When I saw the end result, I was beyond thrilled. I had a pre-wedding function and I could not stop smiling with my teeth as now they have an amazing shape, they look so white and they sparkle and glisten.

I used to feel so self-conscious taking pictures from the side of my mouth, and now I can’t smile enough. I feel like my smile is a million times better than it was before and the treatment surpassed my expectations. I couldn’t be happier and it is all because of the wonderful dentist Dr Javariah Jabbar!

Alongside Dr Jabbar being the best dentist I have ever had, the team at Camberley were so welcoming, they offered you tea and you felt the atmosphere was so warm and you could ask any questions. No one rushed you like they do at other practices and you could see that everyone works very well together and they truly put the patient first.

Smile makeover complete!

Here is my before and after picture of my treatment at Camberley:

Cosmetic bonding case study - before and after - CFD Camberley

I cannot thank Dr Jabbar and CFD Camberley dental practice enough for making me feel like a ‘’beautiful smiling WITH WHITE TEETH bride’’ on my wedding day!”

Reflection from Dr Jav Jabbar, Dentist and Oral Surgeon

Dr. Javariah Jabbar - Dentist and Oral Surgeon - Centre for Dentistry Camberley

“It was a true pleasure treating Sarabjot as I knew how much this meant to her.

Sarabjot initially came in thinking all she could have was veneers. We went through all her options. The best options were either closing the gaps between her teeth with braces or cosmetic bonding. Cosmetic bonding is where we add tooth coloured material to change the shape of the tooth and close the spaces in between without damaging the teeth.

After detailed planning and weighing up all her options, Sarabjot decided to go for cosmetic bonding and the final results surpassed her expectations!  I’m so thrilled that she can now smile with confidence.”

Find out more about Dr Jav Jabbar on the CFD Camberley page. You can contact the Camberley practice on 01276 671953 or

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