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Smile Transformations at CFD Preston

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Smile Transformations at CFD Preston

Cosmetic dental treatment can leave you feeling more confident and happier with your smile. Your dentist may be able to change the appearance of your teeth using methods such as teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers or composite build-ups. Lisa, Patient care Coordinator at Centre for Dentistry Preston, tells us about her smile transformation.

Starting the transformation journey

My name is Lisa and I am Patient Care Coordinator at Centre for Dentistry in Preston. I’ve been with the company for almost two years now, and when I started here it struck me that the team had such amazing white teeth! I was quite keen to join the “Shiny White Teeth Club”, so I booked in with one of our dentists for a check-up and to see if I was eligible for teeth whitening.

Some homework to do

When this check up was done it became clear I had some underlying gum disease I wasn’t aware of, despite having regular check ups twice a year since I had teeth. So my dentist and I drew a course of action between us to stop the gum disease. Using TePe brushes, Curasept gel and of course, my twice daily brushing with my Oral B Pro 2 electric toothbrush, I started my new daily dental regime. Six months later, Dr Patel checked my teeth again and the results were amazing! The gums had started healing and she said that if I carried on for a couple more months I’d be good to go with the Enlighten Teeth Whitening.

Ready to start treatment

My journey began in January with an Air Polish treatment carried out by our hygienist, Scott Walker, and instantly I saw results. The surface staining on my teeth was removed painlessly. You can learn more about Air Polish and the results in a previous blog.  In April, I had my impressions done and my whitening trays made, which arrived a couple of weeks later, and away I went. I followed the whitening process religiously for two weeks, and then had my “In surgery” hour – and wow – B1 shade achieved!

A new smile with composite fillings

Lisa wax ups composite fillingsOver the years, the gaps in my front teeth seemed to have been getting bigger, and I felt very self-conscious about it – even more so now my teeth were brighter. Once more back to Dr Vanish Patel for a consultation to see what could be done. We came up with a plan to do some composite fillings on my four upper front teeth to close the gaps. She took impressions and sent it off to the laboratory to make me a model to see what the teeth would look like when she’d done the fillings.

As soon as I saw the model I knew these were going to be my new teeth and so the work began. I had a temporary set put in so I could get used to them and see if I liked them and more importantly the colour, which of course I did. After a couple of weeks with the temporary teeth in, Dr Patel started by doing the permanent fillings on the centre two teeth, and then a week later she did the other two teeth.

One smiling patient

The transformation in my smile has been amazing, I still can’t stop smiling, and am so happy when I can show our patients what can be done. I simply can’t thank my dentist Dr Vanisha Patel enough – she has done a stunning job, and I hope that my journey will encourage others to take the plunge – there was no pain, no discomfort and now I have a smile I love to show to people.

Here’s my story in pictures

Lisa Before and After

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