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Tea & Talk | World Mental Health Day 2019

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Tea & Talk | World Mental Health Day 2019

Our practices are supporting this year’s World Mental Health Day on Thursday 10th October and we are here to support our patients and wider community. The overall objective of World Mental Health Day is raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilising efforts in support of mental health. We are taking the opportunity to get involved in ‘Tea and Talk’ to raise awareness of dental anxiety and dental phobia.

Speak up this World Mental Health Day

Dental anxiety is common amongst the UK population. Earlier in the year, a Centre for Dentistry survey showed that over 25% of people avoid the dentist and hadn’t visited within the last 2 years. Fear was stated as the top reason for avoiding the dentist. We have supported many patients on their journey to overcome their dental anxiety and there are lots of ways to help.

Why not take things slowly by popping into your local Centre for Dentistry practice? Our teams will welcome you and make you feel at ease, pop the kettle on, have a chat and invite you to look around the practice.

You’ll already be used to shopping in Sainsbury’s so that familiar environment should help in taking the first steps. By slowly getting used to your surroundings and getting to know the team, you’ll start to feel more comfortable. If bringing a friend or family member would help you feel more at ease, do feel free to bring them along. Tea & Talk is a great way to get together. Research shows that talking is good for your mental health, and that’s what Tea & Talk is all about.

Let our dental team know how you feel and how we can help. We’re experts with helping patients feel at ease and we’re here to support you every step of the way. You can also download our free guide to #NoMoreDentalFear, created in partnership with Anxiety UK.

Act on our top tips for making your dental visit more of a priority

I haven’t visited for a long time – Don’t worry, we often see patients who haven’t seen a dentist in 10, 20 or even 50 years. Please rest assured, we will be happy to welcome you no matter when your last appointment was. You might be surprised at how much things have changed over the years and your dentist will be very happy to help. Talk to your dental practice about how they work, any concerns you have and how they can help make your visit easier for you.

I’m too busy for the Dentist – If you’re struggling to fit your visit in your hectic schedule, why not look into a dental practice with more flexible appointment times? Centre for Dentistry is open early mornings, late nights and Saturdays, so you don’t have to take time off work, or the kids out of school for your appointments. It’s also good to remember that taking the time for the dentist is helping you maintain great oral health and prevent any issues down the line, with proven positive impacts on your overall heath and wellbeing.

I’m worried about the cost – If the thought of sky high expensive dental bills is putting you off, why not look into payment options that your dentist provides? Things like our £99 annual dental plan, or 0% finance options can make regular appointments or treatments a little easier on the purse strings.


Here at Centre for Dentistry, we’re determined to make a difference!

New patients often say to us that they have put off going for so long as they are afraid it might be painful or because they have had a bad experience many years ago. It’s a pleasure seeing the transformation of these same patients as they work with our dentists to successfully overcome their dental fears and get back into routine dentistry. Bobby, a patient at CFD Welwyn Garden City, was nervous about visiting the dentist find out about his experience visiting CFD. We want to raise the profile of dental anxiety in the UK and encourage people who may have been avoiding going to the dentist due to fear to seek help and take those first steps to overcome their fear of the dentist.


Your Next Steps

1.  Visit your local practice for a cuppa and a chat with our friendly team – you’ll find us inside Sainsbury’s.

2. Download our brochure for more information and tips on dealing with dental anxiety and dental phobia >> Read our Dental Anxiety Guide to #NoMoreDentalFear

3. Email us at