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Thinking about having your teeth whitened?

Date: 17 June 2015 Category:

Thinking about having your teeth whitened?

Gleaming white smiles are everywhere on TV, in films, posters and magazines and there’s no doubt that white teeth are an attractive quality. Unfortunately though, teeth discolour with age as they are easily stained by drinking tea, coffee, red wine and by smoking.

Having a whitening treatment can refresh your look, make you look healthier and younger and make you want to flash your smile at every available opportunity.

Despite all the benefits of whitening though, some people are still worried about damaging their teeth from the process. That’s only natural — we had the same concerns when choosing the correct whitening system for our patients because we’re a network of professional dentists and above all else we care about the health of your teeth.

Let us Enlighten you

Enlighten is the name of the whitening treatment that we use at Centre for Dentistry. And you can rest assured that it’s the best on the market, because we want the same whitening system that our patients want — one that offers fantastic, professional results without sacrificing the health of teeth.

Unlike traditional whitening, your end result isn’t determined by the starting colour of your teeth. Regardless of where teeth start on the colour chart, the end result of an in-practice Enlighten treatment is guaranteed at a bright B1 result — the highest colour of white on the dentist’s colour chart. Enlighten is the only system available today that can offer that. N.B. The dentist will first need to assess that your teeth are suitable for whitening.

No need to avoid the things you love

Normally, during a whitening treatment, patients are advised to avoid things that could stain the teeth including coffee, red wine and curry. With Enlighten you can continue enjoying your favourite foods and drinks. Another massive bonus!

We can also offer this system in two different ways to suit you: 1. Professional in-practice teeth whitening with a guaranteed B1 result and 2. Home teeth whitening. However, the B1 results can’t be guaranteed with the home whitening system as the dentist can’t manage the process, but if instructions are followed you can still expect great results.

A great value offer!

We offer in-practice teeth whitening for a great price at £399. But there’s an even better deal to be had when you join our dental plan. Annual dental plan membership costs £99 and for that you get 2 inclusive check ups, 2 inclusive scale and polishes and 10% off further dental treatments; but you also get…wait for it… In-practice Enlighten teeth whitening for only £199. We think you’ll find this offer hard (maybe impossible?) to beat!

Home whitening                      In practice whitening

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Patient at CFD-Sheffield, completed by Dr Chetan Mistry


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